Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Don't Forget Spring Cleaning!

It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung so open the windows and get on your rubber gloves for some spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is necessary to get rid of dust and the stuffy feeling that your home gets during colder winter months. California doesn't suffer from cold weather and as tightly shut windows to the same extent as other climates, but you'll still find your home stuffy from the winter months. Here are a few areas around your home to remember when cleaning this spring season.

Some areas in your home to should pay attention to while spring cleaning include area rugs, light fixtures, and window coverings.
Area rugs can hold a lot of dust within their fibers. Some rugs get heavy amounts of daily foot traffic. Rugs are usually a headache to clean and are quite often put to the bottom of the list of household chores. Along with regular vacuuming, rugs should be taken outside and beaten to get rid of dust and debris. A good steam cleaning also does rugs well in keeping them odor free and attractive.

Light fixtures are barely cleaned and can hold onto a lot of dust. More intricate chandeliers need to be taken apart and the crystals should be cleaned in a mild detergent to keep them sparkling, ceiling fan blades need to be dusted to prevent build up and sconces should be wiped down.

Drapes, window shades and blinds all should be on the list when doing spring cleaning. Curtain materials are notorious for holding onto dust causing dust allergies in homes. For spring cleaning take down any fabric curtains and wash and dry them before hanging them up. Other window coverings should be dusted regularly.

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