Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How to Remove Pet Hair from your Home

Your pet can often be your best friend, confidant, and source of comfort. But how do you keep their hair off your furniture, clothing and carpets? Here are a few tips for removing pet hair from your home.

If you want to keep the amount of hair in your home down, life with a pet includes routine vacuuming . Make sure you vacuum carpets, window coverings, couches and animal beds.

Lint rollers can be used for surfaces in between vacuuming. They're not just for clothing, use them on any fabric surfaces with embedded hair.

One way to keep pet hair out of the air and your surfaces is to brush and bathe them often. Brushing and bathing animals removes loose hair that will otherwise be shed in your home

Electrostatic cloths can be used when dusting to grab hair from surfaces. Consider sweeping your surfaces with electrostatic cloths in between mopping.

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