Friday, August 16, 2019

Tips for Organizing and Keeping Your Dorm Clean

A tiny dorm room can become a cluttered and dirty mess very quickly. Here are some tips to keeping a clean and organized study, living, sleeping, and eating area.

Optimize the space you have. Containers can be used as storage under the bed instead of taking up space in the closet. Wall space can be fully used with shelves hangers or hooks. When all of your items have a designated place it's much easier to keep your small area tidy.

Routinely empty trash bins, wash dishes and clean up spills. The last thing you want is an infestation in your dorm room. Old food debris attracts mice, rats, and roaches, all which probably already live in your dorm building. The only way to keep your room free of pests is to remove anything they can feed on immediately.

Keep surfaces organized. A cluttered and messy desk doesn't help when studying. Take a few minutes to put papers in drawers, wash out your coffee mug, and put away unused items on your desk. A clutter-free desk will help you focus.

Put dirty clothes in a laundry bin. Everyone dreads laundry day, but it can become much worse (and smellier) if you have to pick up dirty underwear from 5 different hidden areas around your dorm.

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