Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cleaning out your closet!

The last thing you want to be doing every morning is rummage through clothes you don't wear anymore, one sided shoes, and mounds of clothing that once hung on hangers in your closet. No matter how neat you start out or how large of a closet you have, regular maintenance is needed for an organized and stress free closet.

The following are some tips to keep your closet tidy and functional.

Stay up to date on laundry. Your closet can easily become one of the smelliest areas of your bedroom. Opt to throw that sweater you've been wearing for a week in the laundry instead of back into the closet. Have an area for worn clothes that don't need to be washed yet separate from the general closet area to avoid clean clothes becoming musky.

Inventory clothing and donate items you don't use anymore. The largest cause of clutter in closets is lack of space. If you haven't worn clothes from 10 years ago in 10 years it might be time to donate them. Do something good for those in need as well as free up some space for the items you care about.

Store items that can be damaged with care. Items like shoes can be damaged if not stored properly. Pack shoes in racks or boxes to protect them. Consider garment bags for suits and formal dresses. Beading or embroidery can get ripped in a packed closet.

Clean your closet. Like every other room in your house, your closet should be routinely cleaned. Vacuum the floor and wipe down shelves to get rid of dust and debris that might end up in your closet.

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