Monday, March 4, 2019

Clean Carpets

There are a variety of ways to clean a carpet, each offering different advantages and disadvantages. It is a known fact that a clean carpet can help the appearance of your home as well as the general cleanliness. Carpet cleaning also reduces dust, dander, and other allergens in the home, which can improve your well being.

Here are the different ways you can clean a carpet:

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)
Sometimes incorrectly called "steam cleaning", hot water extraction is considered the best way to clean a carpet. It usually uses a combination of hot water and detergent applied with specialized equipment to clean a carpet. Certain kinds of carpet may react to this treatment differently, so it is best to seek professional help to avoid carpet damage, mold growth, and other nasty issues.

Dry Cleaning (VLW)
Dry cleaning a carpet is another method for carpet cleaning which often requires specialized equipment. It is sometimes favored because of the very fast drying time. Dry cleaning a carpet is also considered less labor intensive. There are a variety of ways to dry clean a carpet,  some of which may cause more wear on your carpet. As with hot water extraction, its best to consult a professional to avoid or minimize damage.

If your carpet does not need a deep cleaning, household vacuums are a reasonable option. This will help pick up and reduce dust and dirt from the carpet.

Stain Removal Products
If you have a carpet stain, it is best to treat it as a soon as possible. There are a variety of products on the market to do this. As with the above methods, certain types of carpet can be damaged easily. So it is best to read instructions thoroughly and/or consult a professional.

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