Sunday, August 12, 2018

Keeping Your Entertainment Center Clean

Ever notice how grimey your remote control looks? How about the thick layer of dust on all of your speakers? Here are some tips to keeping a clean entertainment center.

Dust surfaces
Your entertainment console surfaces need to be dusted frequently. Your DVDs and Blu Ray collections can become dusty because they are not moved that often. Same goes for surfaces above televisions and on cabinets.

A 4K screen looks much clearer when not under grime, fingerprints and dust. Routinely clean screens to avoid annoying smudges and dust. Make sure you use electronic safe cleaning solutions and cloths.

Remote Controls
Remotes are breeding grounds for bacteria. Dirt and residue can get caught between buttons and quickly become funky. Disinfect and clean remotes to keep them safe for your family to touch.

Speakers are one of the hardest things to clean in an entertainment center. They need routine dusting to avoid the delicate mesh or grate being clogged with dust. They may need to be vacuumed and detailed. 

Coffee Table
Coffee tables are one of the most abused surfaces in your home. Food, drinks, magazines and sometimes feet all end up on the same table. Wipe down coffee tables for a hygienic area to put your popcorn on movie night.

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