Thursday, June 29, 2017

House Cleaning with a Newborn Baby

Thinking about your baby in a dirty nursery is enough to give any parent germ-induced nightmares. Babies contribute to all kinds of messes, filling many nurseries with bacteria and ultimately making an unsafe environment for them to live in.

Before you start, make sure all cleaners being used are safe for your baby. Be sure to read the directions and health/safety messages carefully.

Disinfection Area
Every nursery should have a designated area for disinfection supplies, preferably close to the changing table. Sanitizing your hands after every diaper change can stop the spread of germs and contamination of things your baby can come in contact with. Disinfecting diaper boxes, wipe boxes, and furniture in the changing area regularly can help stop the spread of germs.

Disposal Strategy
Babies are always surprising parents with large messes. It's best to plan ahead and have disposal and soiled laundry areas already in place. Keeping these areas clean and emptying them on a regular basis can prevent contamination to the rest of the room. Dirty clothing, sheets, and wash cloths should be sealed separately and washed as soon as possible.

Determine and Keep on top of Germ heavy areas
Germ-heavy areas in your nursery should be identified and taken care of everyday. Wiping down and removing grime from areas like the crib, door knobs, laundry baskets and playpens with sanitizer will keep the germs at bay.

Swap out cradle linens frequently
Your baby spends a lot of their time dozing in bed, with that said, old bed sheets should be swapped out and washed at least once a week to stop the spread of bacteria. Germs, dirt, allergens and dust in linens can irritate your baby's skin and cause rashes.

Frequently Disinfect your baby's toys
Curious babies put everything into their mouths. Toys should be disinfected and rinsed frequently to make sure your baby is not ingesting harmful germs that could make them sick.

Hygienic Floors
Babies love spending time on the floor. Make sure your floors are hygienic to keep your baby safe. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to get rid of mold, dust, pet dander, and debris that can get caught in it.

Keep Organized
Organizing your nursery keeps your baby both safe from harm and germs. Scattered toys and clothing can become tripping hazards that could potentially bring harm. Cross contamination can also spread germs when clean and dirty things co-mingle. It's best practice to keep an organized nursery free of clutter.

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