Monday, April 24, 2017

How to clean pet stains from carpet

So, your furry little buddy decided to relieve itself on the carpet. Maybe it got nervous... maybe you forgot to take it out... maybe it's just in it's "golden years"... or maybe it's young. Whatever the reason, cleanup is not too difficult, but there are some useful tips to make cleanup easier and leave less of a trace.

If it's still wet:

  • Don't let it sit there, start soaking up the urine with a lot of paper towels. Let the paper towels absorb the pee. You can also lay some newspaper over the paper towels to absorb more and make picking up the paper towers easier. 
  • It can help with training your pet to put the urine towels in the pet's litter box (if applicable).
  • Rinse the pee stained area with cool, clean water, and blot it dry. You may have to do this several times to remove the stain and odor. 

If it's already dry:

  • A carpet cleaner is probably the most effective way to remove the stain. You can rent one from your grocery or hardware store usually. 
  • After you cleaned it, use a pet odor neutralizer. This should help prevent the pet thinking it should pee there again. 
  • If the urine has soaked below the carpet, into the padding, you may need to clean it several times. 
  • Don't use a steam cleaner or hot water, as that will cause the stain and odor to go even deeper into the fibers of the carpet. 
  • Don't use harsh chemicals such as vinegar and ammonia. The odor of those chemicals may encourage the pet to pee there again to re-mark it's spot (kinda like a competition). 
  • It is important to clean the pee stain and remove the odor. If you do not, the pet will think it should continue to use that spot. 
  • You should also make it's proper bathroom area easily available. 
  • Assuming your pet is healthy (take it to a vet if you suspect a problem), retrain your pet using positive reinforcement. 

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