Monday, October 10, 2016

How to Keep your Computer Desk Clean

For many people, working at the computer is a daily routine. While it may not seem like much happens there, it can become a very dirty place. From dust to germs, there are a variety of hazards which can make your workplace bring you down. Here are few simple tips to help make sure it's more fun to compute.

Dust Frequently
Dust is bad both for humans and machines. While your allergies may disagree with dust, your computer also becomes less efficient when dust blocks the cooling vents. In general, you want to keep your work area as dust free a possible. Computer air dusters can be useful for cleaning your vents, while a damp cloth can help collect dust on most surfaces.

Disinfect Surfaces
Contact between your hands and your work surface is inevitable. Between food, drinks, and general living, your computer desk could take on a slight grime. Even if you can't see it, there are definitely lots of germs on the desk simply from usage. This becomes even more apparent when you share a desk.

Disinfect Computer Accessories
As noted above, everything you touch regularly on the computer can be contaminated with bacteria. This includes computer mice, keyboards, and game controllers (you know... for breaks).

Clean Monitor
For some, a clean monitor is a must, for others, no so much. Either way, it doesn't hurt to clean your monitor to remove any fingerprints, dust, and general dirtiness.

After all the dusting, you definitely want to make sure to vacuum the area if possible. Collecting all the dust will help improve general air quality in the room, plus help your computer stay dust free.

Air Filter
Since dust can be such a problem with computers, an air filter might be a good preventive measure to improve air quality in the room.

With these tips, you should be able to have a happier, cleaner computer desk. Whether you're checking emails or PC gaming, keeping your computer desk clean is essential.

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