Friday, February 12, 2016

How Cockroaches Can Infest Your Home

There are few things in the world which can make almost anyone jump.
What has super strength, high speed, is nearly indestructible, and can fit into almost any space?

It's a cockroach.

There are over 4,600 different species of cockroaches. They can fit into spaces that are 1/10th their own size and can withstand over 900x their own weight.

As impressive as they may be, they are also considered disgusting and a clear sign of a dirty home. Any home can be a home for cockroaches as long as it has water and food. Cockroaches leave behind a lot of material including fecal matter, saliva, casings, and other debris. This is bad news for people with allergies and/or asthma. To make matters worse, these materials can also carry disease and leave a bad smell.

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, there are a number of things which can be done to prevent cockroaches:

  • Use materials that are easy to clean. This will make it more difficult for dust mites and mold spores to thrive.
  • Dust is easily removed from smooth and cleanable surfaces (smooth flooring such as wood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl) through vacuuming and mopping.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with high filtration features (high efficiency or HEPA filter).
  • Carpets pose several problems. They are generally more difficult to vacuum effectively than hard surfaces. Also, carpets and the sponge-like pads often installed under carpet can trap moisture once they become wet (due to a plumbing or water leak, flood, or condensation), providing a fertile setting for mold and dust mites.
  • Short- and closed-loop-pile carpets (such as commercial grade carpet) are typically easier to clean than loose-pile carpets where dust and dirt falls through to the underlying material.
  • Clean fabrics and other dust mite havens. The following measures will kill dust mites and reduce allergen levels.
  • Wash sheets in soapy water at 130°F every one or two weeks to kill dust mites. Take blankets to the dry cleaner, hang them outdoors once a year, or wash them frequently.
  • Cover conventional mattresses and pillows with allergen-impermeable covers or dust mite covers (micro-porous material to prevent infestation).
  • Wash soft toys and stuffed animals regularly in hot water, followed by thorough drying. The heat will kill off the mites.
  • Shampoo, steam clean, or beat non-washable rugs and carpets once a year. This removes large particles missed by the vacuum cleaner.
  • Reduce the humidity of your home.

These are often problems that people in Los Angeles have to deal with, especially with the water so close.

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