Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Cleaning is the new Spring Cleaning

September 23 marks the first day of Fall (or Autumn). Temperatures are starting to drop a bit compared to the hot summer. The weather is beautiful, shouldn't your home be too?

Common problem areas at most homes include major appliances including the fridge, the stove, & the dishwasher. A clean fridge smells better and works better, saving you electricity. It's also more healthy because your food isn't surrounded my germs and bacteria. Same goes for your dishwasher and stove.

Another hidden killer is your carpet, couch, and bedding. Tiny bugs can move in and then you have even bigger problems. For people with allergies, cleaning those things is a big deal because of all the pollen that accumulates. A lot of pet and human dander can also accumulate over time, causing a generally dusty and possibly allergic environment.

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