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A clean house helps make for clean lungs

It is well known that people with allergies hate dust. But even people without allergies are damaging their bodies by breathing in dirty, dusty air. Beside the fact that if you live in a dusty environment, you are literally breathing in dust mites, you can potentially develop symptoms including fibrosis (excess tissue growth in your respiratory system). Furthermore, if you live in a high humidity area and/or near certain environments (lumber yard, farm, sewers, etc) you could potentially develop any number of diseases including hypersensitivity pneumonitis and many others.

Sounds pretty scary right?

Don't worry, while you probably won't die from the dust in your house, you should definitely be aware that your body isn't operating at 100% in dusty/dirty conditions. Furthermore, if you suffer from allergies or live near farms, industrial areas, and similar environments then you are especially being effected by the air around you.

Here is a list of potential symptoms and diseases caused by different dust materials.

Some types of pneumoconiosis according to dust and lung reaction
Inorganic DustType of DiseaseLung Reaction
Silica (Quartz)SilicosisFibrosis
CoalCoal PneumoconiosisFibrosis
BerylliumBeryllium DiseaseFibrosis
Tungsten CarbideHard Metal DiseaseFibrosis
IronSiderosisNo Fibrosis
TinStannosisNo Fibrosis
BariumBaritosisNo Fibrosis
Organic Dust
Mouldy hay, straw and grainFarmer's lungFibrosis
Droppings and feathersBird fancier's lungFibrosis
Mouldy sugar canBagassosisFibrosis
Compose dustMushroom worker's lungNo Fibrosis
Dust or mistHumidifier feverNo Fibrosis
Dust of heat-treated sludgeSewage sludge diseaseNo Fibrosis
Mould dustCheese washers' lungNo Fibrosis
Dust of dander, hair particles and dried urine of ratsAnimal handlers' lungNo Fibrosis

The next question is: How do I protect myself from dust at home?

  • use of wet processes
  • enclosure of dust-producing processes under negative air pressure (slight vacuum compared to the air pressure outside the enclosure)
  • exhausting air containing dust through a collection system before emission to the atmosphere
  • use of vacuums instead of brooms
  • good housekeeping
  • efficient storage and transport
  • controlled disposal of dangerous waste

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