Monday, March 24, 2014

Get a Maid for YOUR Spring Cleaning

Is this your house?
It's that time of year. Time to clean your house! All those dusty things like the ceiling fan, the curtains, and all the window sills. Don't forget the usual things which need to be thoroughly cleaned so you can see the surface again, like the tub! Oh yeah, and the toilet. Then you have to vacuum all the floors and do a full mopping.

Wait a minute... who has time for this?

We do. 

The European Maid Company is a Santa Monica based maid service who is ready to clean your house for you! We offer personalized and affordable maid services to individuals. Whether you have a cozy 2 bedroom/1 bath house or an elaborate mansion, European Maid Co. can make it clean and beautiful again. We also offer some specialized services including Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, House Painting, and general Handyman services.

Give us a shot: Call (310) 458-6541 to get a quote!

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